KS Building


KS Building

KS Building is one of the companies of the KS Group Holding. It was founded in 2020 focused on large construction projects. The Company focuses on the design, construction, project support, as well as in the provision of any complex repair services.

The Company has come a long way and gained tremendous experience over two years of operation. We have entered into agreements with major construction teams, carefully selected qualified staff, and successfully implemented more than 50 projects. Today, we are involved in the construction of both private and public facilities.

KS Building uses the best technologies, successfully applies innovative solutions, pays special attention to staff training. Thereby, the company reaches the level of leaders, and most importantly, provides its customers with quality service!

KS Building is a team of professionals who are able to work with complex materials, including ultra-thin porcelain tiles, as well as experienced in the construction of high-rise buildings with complex architecture.

KS Building decided to create a school of specialists 'KS Academy' to transfer valuable experience and train professional staff who will be able to apply new technologies.

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