KS Academy

Training of specialists

Our Company is a major distributor of premium finishing materials in Uzbekistan, which delivers not only throughout the Republic, but also to neighboring countries.

The construction industry is rapidly developing and requires professional staff capable of providing quality services at construction sites, and most importantly, to implement projects primarily focused on the safety and manufacturability of facilities.

One of the priorities of KS Group is to train construction workers in new technologies and familiarize them with modern products supplied to the country.

To achieve this task, our company decided to create a school of specialists, 'KS Academy', to satisfy the need of the construction market for certified staff.

Currently, the school of specialists is already successfully training and preparing professionals in construction. Specialists and construction workers are trained in KS Academy in comfortable conditions, and most importantly, they have all necessary materials for the successful completion of the course.

The Academy is unique since any contractor, construction worker, specialist, supervision and operation service can improve their knowledge and skills by taking certified training courses.

Who will benefit from studying at KS Academy?

Construction industry employees
  • mastering all stages of work with products,
  • knowledge on the application of innovative and technological solutions in construction,
  • work with complex products
Construction company managers
  • audit of the construction facility;
  • modern solutions in your business by attracting premium products
Young specialists
  • training in basic skill focused on improvement of quality,
  • new knowledge and their further application
What is the advantage of KS Academy?

In addition to theoretical skills, each course of the Academy also includes a practical part with a detailed demonstration of a specific product or technology for its application. Thanks to this learning approach, absolutely all participants can consolidate their knowledge and improve their skills, as well as improve the quality of their work with a particular product. Upon completion of the training, each student of the school of specialists will receive a certificate of completion of the KS Academy course.

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